Sabudhana Vada Sago / ചൌവരി വട

Preparation: Soak the sago pearls until they are soft and smooth. I soaked overnight.
Crush the pearls slightly to start the process of releasing the starch. Add finely chopped shallots ( I used French Shallots), dry red chillies, chopped curry leaves and salt. Mix well.
Dampen your palm with clean water and make small balls and flatten on your palm.
Grease a non stick frying pan (dosakallu is the best) and cook it on medium heat. Turn it twice or thrice.
Let me warn you, this is not crispy like a vada. But smooth, squishy and yum. Actually sago has no flavour of its own so we can add whatever spices to suit our tastebuds and the pearls will oblige by taking on those flavours. Don’t place the vada one on top of the other as they will stick together. I used baking paper in between while layering them after cooking.
Sago is very starchy and high in carbs. But this carbs fall into the good carbs category and is called macronutrients. Having one serve of this vada gives almost 60% of our daily intake of carbs. I am sure that is why many people who are fasting use this as a rice/wheat substitute those days.

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