1.Toor Dal- 1/2 cup
2.Cluster Beans (amarakkai)(kothamarakka)-15-20 (slit each beans into half & then cut into 2 or 3 pieces depending on its length)
3.Green Chilly-7 (slit into halves)
4.Garlic-10 pods (cut into small blocks)
5.Onion-2 (large..sliced)/ shallots-25 (thickly sliced)
6.Green Plantain (pacha ethakka)-1/2 (cut into thick blocks)
7.Yam (cheana)-1 small piece (cut into thick blocks)
8.Potato- 1 (small or medium….cut into thick blocks)
9.Snake Guard (padavalam)- 1/2 (cut into thick blocks)
10.Little gourd (ivy gourd)(kovakkai)-4 (cut into thick blocks)
11.Large cucumber(vellarikka)-1 small (cut into thick blocks)
12.Tomato-2 large (cut into thick blocks)
13.Carrot-1 (cut into thick blocks)
14.Lady’sfinger (okra) (vendakkai)-3 (cut into thick blocks)
15.Drumstick(muringakka)-1 (cut into thick blocks & slit them into half)
16.Asafoetida(kayam)-1/2 tsp
18.Tamarind pulp
(Soak 5 to 6 tamarind seeds in little water & squeeze them with your fingers & take the water)

Ingredients (for masala)
19.Fenugreek seeds powder (uluva podi)-1/2 tsp
20.Chilly powder-1 tsp
21.Coriander powder-2 1/2 tsp
22.Turmeric powder-1/4 tsp
23.Cumin seeds powder(cheriya jeeraka podi)-1/2 tsp

Ingredients (for seasoning)
24.Mustard seeds (kaduku)-1 tsp
25.Fenugreek seeds (uluva)-1/2 tsp
26.Shallots-5 (finely sliced)
27.Dry red chilly-1 (tore into half)
28.Curry leaves
29.Oil-2 tbsp

Preparation (of sambar)
~Clean & prepare all the vegetables.
~Same vegetables need not be added..can change according to your wish.
~Can add pumpkin, brinjal etc.
~When preparing the vegetables make sure they don’t become too small because they might dissolve in the masala.
~Can use onions or shallots or a mix of both..Shallots bring more taste to the gravy…
~Add ingredients 1 to 17 into a pressure cooker with water avoiding lady’s finger & drumstick (water should be added enough to drown all vegetables)
~Close the lid & cook till 4 whistles.
~Open after the steam has released, & add ingredients 18 to 23 & mix well.

~Add lady’s finger & drumstick & cook in medium flame.

~Check its taste & adjust salt, tamarind pulp & chilly powder .
~Cook till the gravy thickens & off the flame.

Preparation (of seasoning)
~Heat oil in a small saucepan & add mustard seeds.
~Once they pop, add fenugreek seeds & stir for 1 min in low flame.
~As its color changer add sliced shallots & saute till it becomes transparent.
~If the cooked sambar is already spicy no need to add dry reed chilly, else add dry red chilly.
~Add curry leaves & off the flame & stir well.
~Add this seasoning to the sambar & mix well.

Mouthwatering sambar is ready to serve !!!

Sajina Bishar