Royal Jodhpuri Mutton Curry റോയൽ ജോധ്‌പൂരി മട്ടൻ കറി

Royal Jodhpuri Mutton Curry
Recently I watched both Episodes of Farflung on TV. This is a production from Gary Mehigan who is a Celeberity Australian Chef. He had a whizzing tour of India, tasted both north and south Indian dishes and made some dishes,. One was crispy dosa and another one is mutton curry. He was following the recipe of a Royal banquet where he was a guest and helped in the kitchen to get the hands on experience and knowhow of Indian cooking.
I decided to discard some the ingredients such as using “Kadugu Enna” and some spices which I have never seen or heard of. Another thing I ditched is the “kayam”. I am not sure how it will enhance the taste of the meat. Also Gary said “Kayam” is used to overpower the “smell of the meat”.
Then of course I had to personalise the recipe too. I don’t want to be called a Copy Cat. My daughter gave double thumbs up! Hoorah I am on cloud nine.

Ingredients I used: ” Mutton (ribs only) cut into large chunks to be juicy, soft and falling off the bone.
For the marinade:The usual spices (Freshly Ground) such as, malli, mulaghu, turmeric, garam masala , uppu and yogurt. (Thairu)

Ulli (finely sliced) ginger & garlic (paste or finely chopped/crushed) and Oil for sauting & Tomato Paste
Coriander leaves for garnish. (I didn’t have any)

Coat the meat well with the marinade and leave it well covered in the fridge. It can be 3 to 4 hours or overnight. I kept it overnight.

Saute the oinion, ginger and garlic to a nice brown colour. Add tomato paste and coat the mixture well. Now add the meat and coat well. Keep sauting until the met pieces start shrinking. If you want plenty of gravy add some boiling water once the meat is starting to release its juices. Mix well. Cover the pot with aluminium foil and then the lid. (I do not use Pressure Cooker for meat) This is an indirect way of keeping the steam in the pot and keeping the meat pieces drying out. (it will cook faster too)
Cook on low flame for 1.30 minutes to 2 hrs. depending on the size of the meat pieces. It is always better to check after an hour for the softness and seal back the pot.
If the meat is not trimmed, you will see the fat is floating on the surface. You can remove it with a “Thavi”. I always remove all the fat as I am very health conscious.
Serve it with a dollup of fresh yogurt on top. Garnish with Cilandro leaves.
Very good with steamed rice, roti etc.
I used (half) of curry to make “” assembled” biriyani too.
Cooking in stages like this is very therapeutical for me. Gives me opportunities to build up my patience and remove anxiety

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