Beef Cutlet ബീഫ് കട്ലറ്റ്

Beef Cutlet

1.Beef- 1/2 kg cooked with salt,pepper and turmeric powder
2.Mashed potato -2
3.Onion- 1 big
4.Ginger and garlic paste -1 table spoon
5.Green chilli- 5
6.Curry leaves
7. Bread crumbs
8. Egg
Sauté the ingredients from 3 to 6 in any oil then add a pinch of turmeric powder, a teaspoon of pepper and garam masala powder..then add the main ingredients(cooked and crushed beef and mashed potatoes)mix it well with enough salt
Make small cutlets out of the mix, dip it each of them first in to the a beaten egg and cover with bread crumbs..refrigerate all about 10 min for better binding and it is ready for the shallow fry. Serve with onion salad and tomato ketchup

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