White Forest Cake

White Forest Cake

‎ White Forest Cake

For the cake
maida 1Cup ( Remove three tspn and add 3 Tspn cornflour to it)
baking powder 1 TSP
sugar powdered 1Cup
van essence 1TSP
egg 3 (whites only)
Butter 50Gm
Salt a pinch
Milk 3 Tablespn
All ingredients should b at room temperature
For frosting
whipping cream powder 1 Packet
(I hav used 100Gm crust n crumb packet)
cherry for garnishng
white chocolated grated 100Gm.
(I hav used milky bar)

Sieve all dry ingredients…( Maida cornflour mix, baking powder, salt, sugar powder)
In another bowl add butter n beat it n slowly add egg whites N beat it till fluffy then add van essence…
Now add dry ingredients slowly to this and mix it in folding motion
Add milk slowly until the batter gets the required consistency….
Pour the batter into a greased tray n bake it in a cooker for about 30-40Mins….

Follow instructions n the whipping powder packet n beat it till stiff peaks formed.use cold milk for better results.
Once cake is baked. allow it to cool.Cut into half layers.Apply sugar syrup n whipped cream on the both the layers. N finally decorate it with cherry n grated white chocolates

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