Homemade Tomato Ketchup ഹോം മെയ്ഡ് ടൊമാറ്റോ കെച്ചപ്

Homemade Tomato Ketchup
Ingredients :
1.tomato red- ripe about 5/6 in nos
2.cinnamon – 2
3.cloves – 3
4.sliced garlic – 3nos
5.sugar – 2ts
6.salt to taste
7. Small onion chopped – 6nos
8.vinegar – 2ts (if really required to preserve for a long period)
9. Crushed pepper corns – 2ts
10. Kashmiri chilli dry – 4 nos

Method :
1.slice the tomatoes and mix well with small onions chopped and garlic slices and pressure cooker for two whistles by adding little salt to it
2.set to cool and grind this in a mixer adding the kashmiri chilly to make the paste
3. Ladle the ketchup paste into a fine strainer and press mixture with the back of a ladle to strain out any skins and seeds
4.extract the tomato puree into a vessel and heat them until they become thicker
5.add a pinch of cinnamon powder, cloves powder, sugar, salt, vinegar (if required),and crushed pepper corn powder to it and mix well until they become thicker
6.transfer the ketchup to a bowl

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