Ari Payasam അരിപ്പായസം

Ari Payasam

Rice-1 cup
Milk-1.5 ltr(1ltr boiled)
Cashew nut

Making payasam in a rice cooker.

Heat the cooker and add 1 T spoon of ghee.Put cashewnut and kismiss.After both got light brown color transfer it into another plate.Now put the cleaned rice into the cooker.Add 1 cover (0.5ltr) of milk ,and 5T spoon of sugar and close the cooker.Allow 2 whistles to come and rest for 20 minutes.Now open the cooker and add rest of the boiled milk into it.Wait for 10 minutes.Now add cardomom,and the fried cashew nut and kismiss into it.Add more sugar if needed

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